• Rhythm

    The Next Year.

    Of course, the last few days of any year are an invitation for reflection, an opportunity to dream and to imagine what life would be like if we somehow managed to finagle the dedication and excitement we felt on the first of the year to the very end of that same year. How could things be different this time next year? How can I be sure that the disappointments and frustrations of this year END this year and don’t carry into the next? The last few weeks here have been really challenging. The week before winter break our oldest caught the flu which led to me getting the flu (worse than…

  • Autumn,  Rhythm


    The weather is finally starting to feel like fall here in central Texas. (Though, the trees… the trees do NOT believe in fall. They are still firm, green, bushy and strong like they always are.) The boys have been playing outside more which makes me so happy to see. They’ve been swinging on their swing set, engaging in sword fights and collecting all the tiny bits of nature that make them happy (see: above). We even have a new deer friend, DeeDee. She still won’t come up to me all the way or eat out of my hand, but she is definitely curious and friendly. When she sees me outside, I…

  • Parenting,  Rhythm

    Our Summer Bucket List (And a few tips to get you started with yours!)

    We created our summer bucket list this week so we could have something to look forward to during the summer. Both W and O provided input on what they wanted to do and we tried to incorporate as many of their ideas as we could. My secret hope is that this list will not only provide intention to our summer, but will help prevent boredom (for both the kids and for us!). If you’re interested in creating a bucket list, here are some tips to get you going: Shorter, not longer! Like any goal, you want to be sure that what you’re setting out to do is actually attainable. For us,…

  • Homemaking,  Rhythm

    Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

    I am so excited to finally put this together! It’s a weekly house cleaning schedule that I’m hoping gives us some routines that we can stick to so that house work doesn’t pile up or feel overwhelming at any point during the week. I’ve been searching for one for weeks now but everything I found wasn’t pretty or exactly what I wanted – so I created my own!   Do you have a routine or rhythm for your housework? I’d love to hear what other families do! (Also – if you’d like a copy of this, let me know and I’ll see about making it available for download.)  

  • Clean Eating,  Rhythm

    Bedtime Routine: Golden Milk

      During the spring and summer, part of our nightly bedtime routine included a warm cup of tea that the boys would take with them to bed. (Side benefit: allowing them a small cup of tea stopped those pesky ‘I am thirsty!’ interruptions during story time!) Now that we have officially made it to Autumn, I’m trying something new for our bedtime routine – golden milk. Golden milk is most often coconut milk, warmed with turmeric. This version includes a small bit of black pepper and a fresh ginger infusion, too. In the words of the boys, “Yum!”