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    You’ll love this homemade granola!

    I’ll admit, I’m not much of a breakfast lover. I know. My kids, on the other hand, are staunch supporters of the I AM AWAKE AND THEREFORE MUST EAT movement. It’s a challenge. At least, for me. Because while I don’t love breakfast, I also don’t really like sweet breakfasts. If I were to eat breakfast, I’d want something hearty and savory, not sugary and sweet, so by default, when I make breakfast, I am in the frittata/eggs/breakfast tacos/sandwich corner. And really, that’s also a stretch. I’m in the “coffee for breakfast” corner. Completely. So, when I tell you that I’ve made a really good granola recipe that even I, The Official Breakfast Disliker,…

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    Resolutions Recap, Week 3

    Well, yes. Funny that. While I haven’t been largely successful in my goals for this year, they aren’t forgotten. In fact, I think about them often. All the time, actually. So, how have I been doing? Let’s see what my goals were for week #2: Successful-ISH. Continue to work on improving water intake. Juices and smoothies count towards my goal, too! I want to make a batch of fresh juices (tomorrow) and replenish the fruit water I’ve been keeping in the fridge, too. (Spoiler alert: Separate blog post coming on this soon.) (Working on goal #4) Successful! Have herbal tea for bedtime at least once this week. (Goal #1) Nope. Big fat…

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    Resolutions Recap, Week 1

    I thought, in order to keep my focus on moving forward and sticking to my New Years Resolutions, I would try to recap what actions I’ve taken towards my goals each week. My hope is that it helps to keep me accountable and who knows what other fun things may come out of all this…. 🙂 So, without further adieu, let’s recap where things rest after the first week of 2018: Improve Bedtime Routine.  I have been mostly faithful with eliminating that dreaded before-bed-TV. I did fall asleep to it last night b/c it was noisy and was soothing. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to meditations before bed to help me fall…

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    A clean fridge is a happy fridge.

    Our week is trudging along quite nicely. Boys got home late yesterday and we had just enough time to talk to them for a few minutes and then get them showered and to bed. My morning routine (waking up at 5am, journaling/meditating) is going so well – I am intensely enjoying that sacred time I have in the morning where no one else is around. Yesterday, I used my morning to do some extra reading. This morning, I found myself with an abundance of time (as no one woke up until after 8am this morning [an unheard luxury in these parts!]) so after completing my morning list, I reorganized the…

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    On Meditation (and a few apps to help you on your way, too!)

    My resolutions are off to a good start so far. If you read my last post, one of my first goals this year was to improve both my morning and evening routines and so that’s where I’ve started. I thought I would share some free phone apps that I’m using to help towards my goal of creating a healthy meditation practice: Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation – I’ve tried meditating before and always failed because I didn’t have anyone helping me along. This app is great because it includes a 7-day meditation “starter” course where there is someone directing you throughout each meditation. While my goal is to meditate for 20 minute…

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    The Next Year.

    Of course, the last few days of any year are an invitation for reflection, an opportunity to dream and to imagine what life would be like if we somehow managed to finagle the dedication and excitement we felt on the first of the year to the very end of that same year. How could things be different this time next year? How can I be sure that the disappointments and frustrations of this year END this year and don’t carry into the next? The last few weeks here have been really challenging. The week before winter break our oldest caught the flu which led to me getting the flu (worse than…

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    Homemade Peppermint Bark

    Remember that just the other day I mentioned I had been on an unexplained baking frenzy the last few weeks? Here is some small proof of my efforts – homemade peppermint bark. I’m addicted to the Williams Sonoma peppermint bark but luckily now, I can make it at home all the time and no longer need to avoid Williams Sonoma around the holidays! (Jury is still out on whether that’s a good thing or not.) What I hadn’t realized before is how extremely easy this stuff is to make. I literally made it in between cooking a batch of homemade waffles for the freezer and putting together eight other freezer…

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    The tourtiere.

    I was very recently tasked with baking a tourtiere, a French-Canadian meat pie. (And by very recently, I mean like, it’s in the oven as I am typing.) It’s been 20 years since I’ve tasted meat and cooking it always involves a lesson in trust. Because it’s been so long since I’ve eaten meat, I’ve learned to rely on my sense of smell to be a judge of how things should taste. Enter R, my partner, who grew up in French-Canadian Montreal with a Lebanese grandmother. His memories of food are steeped in the smells and tastes of food that predates recipes – the kind of recipes that are handed…

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    Holiday Baking.

    For the first time in perhaps my entire life, I am embracing the idea of holiday baking. I’ve always said that I’m a better cook than a baker (and it’s true – I lack that certain je n’ais se quoi that most bakers seem to instinctively have) but for some unknown reason (I’ll blame Christmas), I’ve found myself whipping up cookies, bars, cupcakes, etc faster than you can call all the reindeer. Do you have any favorite holiday recipes? Please share!  

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    Healthy Halloween Class Treats

    I don’t know about you, but all the candy surrounding holidays like Halloween makes me want to try even harder to find fun, healthy ways we can celebrate holidays like this one with less refined sugar. (Plus, did anyone see the recent study about the connection between sugar and cancer?) Technically, Halloween isn’t a “recognized” class party day for our school district which means that all snacks need to be healthy (no cookies, candy, cake, etc) which is just fine with me! I found these two ideas – one on Pinterest (of course) and one by just searching healthy snack ideas for Halloween. The kids LOVED both of them though…

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