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LUNCH Meal Plan 11/12 + Meal Prep

Y’all. This last week. I struggled with cooking almost every night and for every lunch. I didn’t get done what I had planned to do, wanted to do. The kids still managed homemade lunches every day, but it wasn’t easy.

That said, I’m going into this week determined to try to take it a little easy and to give myself a break. Besides, the boys get out early on Friday and won’t go back for over a week so I’ll get a week off to fully recover.

Per Instagram request, here’s a look at the lunch meals I have planned for the week ahead AND accompanying meal prep that I’ll do to help stay on track. You’ll also find links to recipes (or similar recipes available online) so you can follow along, if you’d like!

Check back here at the end of the week (Friday) for an update on how the meals went. Oh, and speaking of Fridays! You’ll notice I only plan lunches for four days/week. My older two (8 and 6) take lunch to school Monday-Thursday but their school has a pizza/ice cream day each Friday. Because they do such a good job eating healthfully the rest of the time, we let them buy lunches on Friday as a treat. On the weekends, we’ll have leftovers and just kind of clean out the fridge for the upcoming week/grocery order.

Meal Plan

Monday – Homemade Yogurt Parfaits (aka Granola Bar – get it?). This requires no recipe – I have homemade yogurt and made a batch of homemade granola (PS – We still swear by this recipe, try it!). Will send items separately and instruct the boys to make their own parfaits @ lunchtime.

Tuesday – Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad 

Wednesday – Pizza Lunchables. Wait, wait, don’t shoot me just yet! I have whole wheat pitas that I”ll send with shredded cheese, pepperoni, homemade pizza sauce and will let the boys make their own. Just like the lunchable, only much healthier and better tasting!

Thursday – Mini Quiche – No idea what I will put in them just yet but I have plenty of spinach, bell peppers, bacon, etc in the house that I’m sure we’ll think of something. 🙂

Meal Prep

Eating healthy lunches that are largely clean (what we buy pre-made is very limited and is usually limited to things like tortillas, pasta, mini-bagels (like above) as a treat, etc) takes some planning and effort! Here’s how I’ll stay on top of our meal plan:

Monday – Bake quinoa, cook black beans (in instant pot), make dressing

Tuesday – Assemble salad, make pizza sauce, shred cheese

Wednesday – Bake mini quiche


Totally do-able, right?!


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