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Our Lunch Meal Plan (Week of 10/29/18) + Lunch Prep


Per Instagram request, here’s a look at the lunch meals I have planned for the week ahead AND accompanying meal prep that I’ll do to help stay on track. You’ll also find links to recipes (or similar recipes available online) so you can follow along, if you’d like!

Check back here at the end of the week (Friday) for an update on how the meals went. Oh, and speaking of Fridays! You’ll notice I only plan lunches for four days/week. My older two (8 and 6) take lunch to school Monday-Thursday but their school has a pizza/ice cream day each Friday. Because they do such a good job eating healthfully the rest of the time, we let them buy lunches on Friday as a treat. On the weekends, we’ll have leftovers and just kind of clean out the fridge for the upcoming week/grocery order.

Meal Plan

Monday – Italian Pinwheels

Tuesday – Mini Taco Pies (for Taco Tuesday 🙂 )

Wednesday – Mummy Hot Dogs, Spider Eggs, Apple Peanut Butter Teeth, Mummy Bananas

Thursday – Homemade Spaghetti-Os with Italian Mini Meatballs

Meal Prep

Eating healthy lunches that are largely clean (what we buy pre-made is very limited and is usually limited to things like tortillas, pasta, mini-bagels (like above) as a treat, etc) takes some planning and effort! Here’s how I’ll stay on top of our meal plan:

Sunday – Prep one batch of smoothies (I get 4 single servings that I freeze each time)

Monday – Make pinwheels (they don’t take long otherwise), brown ground beef, assemble/bake taco pies

Tuesday – Bake mummy hot dogs, prep bananas and grapes, print out Halloween jokes, Prep smoothie batch

Wednesday – Cook pasta, Make/bake meatballs, cook tomato sauce


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