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Our Lunch Meal Plan (Week of 10/22/18) + Lunch Prep


I’ve had several requests on Instagram (@golightlymama) for our weekly meal plans so I thought I’d start trying to post these in case they help anyone prepare for their week ahead, too!

Weekly meal planning is something I almost always do because it makes me feel organized and prepared and it helps me be sure that I have healthy foods planned every day. I’ll make a separate post (or two) about meal planning because to me, it’s that important. And, while I am horrible at doing my hair and makeup, I can put together a meal plan pretty easily. 🙂

Here’s our LUNCH meal plan for the week ahead. Check back here at the end of the week (Friday) for an update. Oh, and speaking of Fridays! You’ll notice I only plan lunches for four days/week. My older two (8 and 6) take lunch to school Monday-Thursday but their school has a pizza/ice cream day each Friday. Because they do such a good job eating healthfully the rest of the time, we let them buy lunches on Friday as a treat. On the weekends, we’ll have leftovers and just kind of clean out the fridge for the upcoming week/grocery order.

Meal Plan

Monday: Fruity Chicken Salad Sandwiches (pictured above on a mini-bagels). Closest recipe online I could find is here.

Tuesday: California Club Wraps (similar here, ours will have hard-boiled eggs and a homemade ranch dressing on them, no chicken)

Wednesday: Chicken and Waffle Sliders (making homemade waffles and will make chicken nuggets based on this recipe)

Thursday: Homemade Spaghetti-Os with mini turkey meatballs

Meal Prep

Eating healthy lunches that are largely clean (what we buy pre-made is very limited and is usually limited to things like tortillas, pasta, mini-bagels (like above) as a treat, etc) takes some planning and effort! Here’s how I’ll stay on top of our meal plan:

Monday: Make hard-boiled eggs for Tuesday, make homemade Ranch dressing

Tuesday: Make a double batch of waffles for breakfast, save some for Wednesday’s lunch, freeze leftovers, make chicken tenders/nuggets, Prep Thursday’s spaghetti-O sauce

Wednesday: Make mini turkey meatballs

This is in addition to preparing for our dinners which are also largely clean/unprocessed and require a bit of prep work, too. When I have easier dinners, I’ll use my daytime to try to prep for meals ahead. Or, I’ll give myself an easy lunch/dinner (crock-pot, instant pot, for ex) so I have extra time to prep!




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