Resolutions Recap, Week 3

Well, yes. Funny that.

While I haven’t been largely successful in my goals for this year, they aren’t forgotten. In fact, I think about them often. All the time, actually.

So, how have I been doing? Let’s see what my goals were for week #2:

  • Successful-ISH. Continue to work on improving water intake. Juices and smoothies count towards my goal, too! I want to make a batch of fresh juices (tomorrow) and replenish the fruit water I’ve been keeping in the fridge, too. (Spoiler alert: Separate blog post coming on this soon.) (Working on goal #4)
  • Successful! Have herbal tea for bedtime at least once this week. (Goal #1)
  • Nope. Big fat FAIL. Finish the meditation course (Goal #2)
  • Sigh. Another FAIL. Have a salad for lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Goal #5)
  • DONE! Two hats done, another nearly done. Finish knitted hat for charity (Goal #7)
  • FAIL. Plan dessert night for Sunday (Goal #10)
  • SUCCESS! Do a word search puzzle (easy to do until the books arrive) (Goal #11)
  • SUCCESS! Continue to use my planner/calendar (Goal #12)

Mathematically, I was on the plus side last week though you can see there’s still some room for improvement which is okay. I knew that there would always be room for improvement. As I mentioned in my first post with my goals, I’m striving for progress NOT perfection. I’m a mom. There’s no perfection in sight.

Let’s talk about positive things that are going on here right now:

  1. My gratitude journal has been a huge success. It’s such a good way to end the day and a way to be thankful for everything that I’m given. It’s also a little crazy how much you can forget in a week – I’ve flipped through past days and it makes me happy to recall memories.
  2. Salad prep. I won’t lie. I’ve been horrible about eating salad for lunch most days and I’m fully aware of this shortcoming. To help me out, I purchased a few small rectangular containers to specifically use for salad prep and this weekend, I prepped four salads for the week. The last two days, I’ve enjoyed my salad boxes with homemade vegan burgers and salsa as dressing. (Oh, that reminds me that I’ve been trying to find a good oil-free salad dressing and so far, I’ve come up a bit short. For now, I’m using either salsa or guacamole as they both accomplish the same thing with no oil but if you have a favorite nutritarian-approved dressing, let me know!)
  3. Lots of green juice! Just like prepping the salads for the week, I also prepped 12 cups of amazing green juice to have during the week. My favorite recipe is this one.
  4. Switching off tv @ night. This has been maybe about 50% but mostly because I was home alone with all the kids for the better part of two weeks and I like having background noise when I fall asleep. Now that thing have been returned to normal here, I’ve switched back over to my meditations at night and I can’t tell you how peaceful and relaxing they’ve been.

I’ve started trying to do crossword or word search puzzles (or knit) while waiting for kids during pickup time (rather than mindlessly spending time on my phone). Today, I brought headphones and listened to affirmations while in line. It was a nice change from my normal routine.

So, what are my goals for the rest of this week? I want to take the rest of this week and focus on cementing my morning and evening routines – especially making sure I wake up with enough time in the morning to exercise and take care of myself. Same for the evening – prioritize finding time for me to take care of my body and skin, to have time to relax, unwind and listen to a meditation before falling asleep.

How are your resolutions going? How can you make them better this week?

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