Resolutions Recap, Week 1

I thought, in order to keep my focus on moving forward and sticking to my New Years Resolutions, I would try to recap what actions I’ve taken towards my goals each week. My hope is that it helps to keep me accountable and who knows what other fun things may come out of all this…. 🙂

So, without further adieu, let’s recap where things rest after the first week of 2018:

  1. Improve Bedtime Routine.  I have been mostly faithful with eliminating that dreaded before-bed-TV. I did fall asleep to it last night b/c it was noisy and was soothing. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to meditations before bed to help me fall asleep. I’ve lit candles at least one night, my diffuser most others and I’ve been keeping up with my gratitude journal, too. This week, I need to work on drinking herbal tea before bed.. I usually bring a tall glass of water with me but it would be nice to switch to something else.
  2. Improve my morning routine. I think once or twice this week (following company), I managed to wake up earlier than the kids. I’ve been using that morning time to plan my day and I’m on day 5/7 of the meditation course I am taking. There’s a definite difference to how I feel about my morning and what a huge change in tone my days have had when I do manage to get up before everyone else. Oh! I also went to yoga class on Saturday with a friend which was so great! Definitely feel the difference here, too.
  3. Read.  My improved morning and evening routines have been great for carving out space to read, so while I’ve been steadily reading each day, I haven’t yet finished any books. I’m currently reading Super Immunity, a few books about blogging and YouTube channels and I also, like everyone else in America this week, pre-ordered Fire and Fury.
  4. Take better care of my skin. I’ve definitely gotten better about drinking water throughout the day (more on this later). I’ve been taking care of my skin nightly and dry brushing it most nights, too. Definite improvements so far in this category as well!
  5. Prioritize my health and well-being. I’ve had more salads this week than normal, drinking more water than normal. I want to start juicing at least once a week for the week ahead and keeping healthy snacks in the fridge. I also went to yoga over the weekend. Improvements here, too, though I know there’s room for more improvements. This week, I’d like to eat MORE salads (at least one a day).
  6. Cook 10 recipes from Bryant Terry’s cookbooks. No progress made here!
  7. Re-examine social media use. Still thinking through all this. I’m working on reading through a few books about blogging and YouTube basics so I can figure out what exactly I envision for the future for both this space and any others I may participate in.
  8. Knit something for charity. I’m almost finished with my first preemie hat! I realized I needed a darning needle in the car during today’s pickup so I had to stop but I’m less than two minutes away from being finished with the first hat. I am excited to see how many I can make this year!
  9. Work on hand lettering. Oops. Nothing done here, but I’ll try to figure out when the best time would be for me to devote some hours with it. I really want to learn and I think I could be really good at it. Just need to make it a priority.
  10. Institute a weekly dessert night. This hasn’t been started yet either. Last week was a little funky and this week, too. I’ll likely start this on Saturday or Sunday nights (probably Sunday since we’re guaranteed to be at home because of Monday school), and maybe I’ll start this Sunday. Any good dessert recipes?
  11. Invoke my grandmother. I did a word search earlier this week and I subscribed us to both a crossword puzzle and word search subscription so we would have active books to work through.
  12. Keep a written calendar/planner. This is going really well so far! I’ve been using my morning time to write out my to-do lists (on top of my daily and weekly lists) and making sure I stay focused.

All considered, I feel good about my first week into this year. I am hopeful this second week will be just as productive. My goals, considering everything above are:

  • Continue to work on improving water intake. Juices and smoothies count towards my goal, too! I want to make a batch of fresh juices (tomorrow) and replenish the fruit water I’ve been keeping in the fridge, too. (Spoiler alert: Separate blog post coming on this soon.) (Working on goal #4)
  • Have herbal tea for bedtime at least once this week. (Goal #1)
  • Finish the meditation course (Goal #2)
  • Have a salad for lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Goal #5)
  • Finish knitted hat for charity (Goal #7)
  • Plan dessert night for Sunday (Goal #10)
  • Do a word search puzzle (easy to do until the books arrive) (Goal #11)
  • Continue to use my planner/calendar (Goal #12)

How are your resolutions and goals for this year coming? How can you make the 2nd week of 2018 amazing for YOU?


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