A clean fridge is a happy fridge.

Our week is trudging along quite nicely. Boys got home late yesterday and we had just enough time to talk to them for a few minutes and then get them showered and to bed. My morning routine (waking up at 5am, journaling/meditating) is going so well – I am intensely enjoying that sacred time I have in the morning where no one else is around. Yesterday, I used my morning to do some extra reading. This morning, I found myself with an abundance of time (as no one woke up until after 8am this morning [an unheard luxury in these parts!]) so after completing my morning list, I reorganized the pantry and deep cleaned the fridge.

I forgot what a beautiful, beautiful thing a clean and organized fridge could be.

The middle shelf there is a testimony to my efforts to eat better. That giant steel bowl? Full of salad and veggies, mixed and chopped so I can easily make lunch and dinner salads. The bin on the left? Tofu and tempeh to make healthier foods instead of going without or not having nutritious alternatives. Earlier this week, I made a batch of oven-baked tofu and have been adding a few slices to my daily salads. Unfortunately, I’m still hungry which makes me not a very happy camper, but at least I’m eating more greens. Progress, not perfection, right?

The truth otherwise is that the discipline of sticking to my morning and evening routines is making a substantial difference in what I am accomplishing in a day. I’ve reorganized the pantry, the fridge, drawers that have been bothering me for months, the master closet, deep cleaned areas that were in serious need. My dining room? Incredibly joy-sparking. The excess of Christmas (and its decorations – beautiful but also so. much. extra) is starting to be put away for next year and our house feels like it can breathe for the first time in months.

So, here is to clean fridges, reorganized pantries, breathing space, headspace and sunshine. How have you spent your first week in the new year?

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