On Meditation (and a few apps to help you on your way, too!)

My resolutions are off to a good start so far. If you read my last post, one of my first goals this year was to improve both my morning and evening routines and so that’s where I’ve started. I thought I would share some free phone apps that I’m using to help towards my goal of creating a healthy meditation practice:

  • Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation – I’ve tried meditating before and always failed because I didn’t have anyone helping me along. This app is great because it includes a 7-day meditation “starter” course where there is someone directing you throughout each meditation. While my goal is to meditate for 20 minute each morning, the starter meditations are 10 minutes which I think is a perfect length for beginners like me! The guide’s voice is soothing and I’m really enjoying it.
  • My Affirmations: Live Positive – I haven’t played with this app too much just yet, but I like that you can set a time each day to receive an affirmation in your notification bar. I’ve also setup a widget on my home screen so that each time I unlock my phone, it’s the first thing I see. If I’m not mistaken, you can also customize and set your own affirmations if the preloaded ones aren’t your thing. Today’s affirmation? I have the potential to heal completely.
  • bNirvana: Meditations for Sleep, Relaxation & Calm – I’ve had a bit of problem finding a good nighttime app that I liked and/or would fit what I was looking for, but I stumbled on this one last night and think it fits my needs nicely! The meditations are not too long (the one I listened to last night was less than 20 minutes) and there is plenty of content here, both paid and free. There are lots of other meditation topics (love, wellbeing, relaxation, etc) and you can also sort by teachers if you find someone you really love.

Do you have any favorite meditation or affirmation apps? Or, maybe you’ve used the ones above? Let me know if the comments below! Happy new year!

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