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    The Next Year.

    Of course, the last few days of any year are an invitation for reflection, an opportunity to dream and to imagine what life would be like if we somehow managed to finagle the dedication and excitement we felt on the first of the year to the very end of that same year.¬†How could things be different this time next year? How can I be sure that the disappointments and frustrations of this year END this year and don’t carry into the next? The last few weeks here have been really challenging. The week before winter break our oldest caught the flu which led to me getting the flu (worse than…

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    Homemade Peppermint Bark

    Remember that just the other day I mentioned I had been on an unexplained baking frenzy the last few weeks? Here is some small proof of my efforts – homemade peppermint bark. I’m addicted to the Williams Sonoma peppermint bark but luckily now, I can make it at home all the time and no longer need to avoid Williams Sonoma around the holidays! (Jury is still out on whether that’s a good thing or not.) What I hadn’t realized before is how extremely easy this stuff is to make. I literally made it in between cooking a batch of homemade waffles for the freezer and putting together eight other freezer…

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    The tourtiere.

    I was very recently tasked with baking a tourtiere, a French-Canadian meat pie. (And by very recently, I mean like, it’s in the oven as I am typing.) It’s been 20 years since I’ve tasted meat and cooking it always involves a lesson in trust. Because it’s been so long since I’ve eaten meat, I’ve learned to rely on my sense of smell to be a judge of how things should taste. Enter R, my partner, who grew up in French-Canadian Montreal with a Lebanese grandmother. His memories of food are steeped in the smells and tastes of food that predates recipes – the kind of recipes that are handed…

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    Holiday Baking.

    For the first time in perhaps my entire life, I am embracing the idea of holiday baking. I’ve always said that I’m a better cook than a baker (and it’s true – I lack that certain¬†je n’ais se quoi that most bakers seem to instinctively have) but for some unknown reason (I’ll blame Christmas), I’ve found myself whipping up cookies, bars, cupcakes, etc faster than you can call all the reindeer. Do you have any favorite holiday recipes? Please share!