Autumn,  Rhythm


The weather is finally starting to feel like fall here in central Texas. (Though, the trees… the trees do NOT believe in fall. They are still firm, green, bushy and strong like they always are.)

The boys have been playing outside more which makes me so happy to see. They’ve been swinging on their swing set, engaging in sword fights and collecting all the tiny bits of nature that make them happy (see: above).

We even have a new deer friend, DeeDee. She still won’t come up to me all the way or eat out of my hand, but she is definitely curious and friendly. When she sees me outside, I can call to her and have her trot slowly my direction. The last few weeks, she’s been outside our garage to greet us in the morning with her two little ones in tow. It’s almost rutting season here, though, and her boyfriend isn’t too nice so we’re treading cautiously.

I’ve lots to share – things I’ve been working on, cooked, plans we have for Halloween. Here’s to more updates!

How do you celebrate the changing seasons? What are your favorite fall customs?

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