This week, I played a temporary single mama to the four kids while R was away on a business trip. You know, in some ways, it’s really not that difficult. I deal with the kids daily. I know their moods, their needs. Two babies crying a time isn’t as stressful now as it was when they were newborns, under 6 pounds and barely fit into our hands. That said – parenting is hard. Being a mother who is also an introvert is also hard. Being a mother who is an introvert who is all alone with four kids can be a real challenge sometimes.

Finding the quiet time I need to feel focused and balanced is difficult on the best of days. When I saw an opportunity earlier this week to brew a cup of tea and sit on the couch to start a new (old) book, I didn’t hesitate. I need these moments – no matter how fleeting – to reground me. I brewed a cup of creamy darjeeling, silenced my phone and sat on the couch to enjoy twenty minutes of uninterrupted alone time. It wasn’t much. I could have used more, but it was enough to recenter me for the rest of the day.

What ways do you find throughout the week to recenter or reground yourself? Does it require being alone or have you found something you can do with kids present?

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