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Knitting NOT Pregnant!

A late join to Nicole over @ Frontier Dreams, but wanting to check in nonetheless. The girls were born about three weeks ago (more about their  beautiful souls soon!) and life is slowly finding a new pace and a new normalcy. In the meantime, I’ve been managing to find some free knitting time while waiting in the daily pickup line for my oldest’s school.


It’s the Baby Verterbrae pattern and one I had fully intended on having finished by the time I held either of our girls. We ended up being induced early (for a few reasons and I hate to admit it, but I was really ready to not spend any further days hauling around two babies) and while I did end up knitting during labor, I still am short a bit of the second arm and the ribbing around the front/sides. Luckily, it’s easy knitting and keeps me busy during our daily wait so for now, this will be my quiet side project to remind me that these things are still possible given a strong enough will. 🙂

Otherwise, we’re busy crafting a new rhythm and routine to our family lives which takes energy to maintain and to feel balanced amidst the changes and sleeplessness of our days. I’ll share more of how the twins arrived earthside shortly. More meal planning is on its way, too. Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten this space!


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