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Wednesday – What I Ate

I always find it interesting to see what other people eat in the course of any given day. Being pregnant this go-round, my appetite is certainly a lot different than it normally is though I’m not sure the things I like eating while pregnant have changed too much from when I was pregnant with either of the boys. I prefer uncooked foods (sandwiches, for example) and I find myself eating a ton of fresh fruit nearly constantly. (In fact, the latter fact has made it very difficult to keep fruit in the house because we all snack on it throughout the day. For breakfast alone, we can go through 4-6 pieces of peaches/nectarines/apples/plums/mangos, etc.)

Anyway – here’s a quick diary of mostly everything I ate yesterday. I did snack on some popcorn with the boys yesterday afternoon when they got home from their days, but otherwise, this is pretty honest.












We are dealing with a bit of a nasty virus here this week so we’ve been trying to keep things low-key and minimal. So far, it’s just been the boys that have gotten sick but I’m waiting for my turn – I can almost hear the countdown ticking! 🙂 Hope you and yours are staying healthy and enjoying your beautiful fall.

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