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A Twist of Lime

Unexpected Lime Harvest

Being in a rental (and new to central Texas), I’m not familiar with all the plants we have surrounding us in our yard and in our neighborhood. Of course, I can identify the rosemary outside, our blossoming rose bushes near our front door or the giant lantana we have in the backyard, but I was unprepared for our unexpected good fortune when the boys harvested over 20 limes during their adventure time yesterday afternoon.  What to do with 20 limes? (Do they come in poisonous varieties? I’m a little unsure to eat anything without knowing its full history…)

I was thinking that maybe we’d slice them thinly and make hanging window decorations like these. I’ve done something similar with orange slices and loved how they turned out. This is from an Anthropologie display and could be kinda cool, too. What else can I do to make use of our bounty? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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