• Autumn,  Crafting

    A Twist of Lime

    Being in a rental (and new to central Texas), I’m not familiar with all the plants we have surrounding us in our yard and in our neighborhood. Of course, I can identify the rosemary outside, our blossoming rose bushes near our front door or the giant lantana we have in the backyard, but I was unprepared for our unexpected good fortune when the boys harvested over 20 limes during their adventure time yesterday afternoon.  What to do with 20 limes? (Do they come in poisonous varieties? I’m a little unsure to eat anything without knowing its full history…) I was thinking that maybe we’d slice them thinly and make hanging window…

  • Knitting

    Knitting While Pregnant (KWP!) : Multnomah for Grandma

    I’m going to lovingly title these knitting posts (for now, at least!) as Knitting While Pregnant. A good friend of mine, Karen, was tasked with trying to talk me back into my senses when I asked for her advice on a good shawl pattern to knit for my nearly-grandmother-in-law’s 90th birthday. While I have declined the challenge to NOT knit while pregnant, I did take her advice on a good knitting pattern – the Multnomah shawl. It’s a simple shawl pattern – lots of endless garter stitches with a comfortable feather-and-fan pattern at the end to keep things interesting. It’s knit with MadelineTosh’s Merino Light, one of my favorite yarns for…

  • Clean Eating,  Rhythm

    Bedtime Routine: Golden Milk

      During the spring and summer, part of our nightly bedtime routine included a warm cup of tea that the boys would take with them to bed. (Side benefit: allowing them a small cup of tea stopped those pesky ‘I am thirsty!’ interruptions during story time!) Now that we have officially made it to Autumn, I’m trying something new for our bedtime routine – golden milk. Golden milk is most often coconut milk, warmed with turmeric. This version includes a small bit of black pepper and a fresh ginger infusion, too. In the words of the boys, “Yum!”  

  • Meal Planning

    Weekly Meal Plan – September 24th – September 29th

    One of my favorite weekend rituals is waking up early to plan our meals for the week ahead. I know a lot of families struggle with eating healthful meals or find themselves at the end of a long day with nothing planned to feed the tired and hungry mouths looking at them in anticipation. While there are a lot of aspects of motherhood I can decidedly confirm are difficult for me, planning and executing weekly meal plans isn’t one of them. My hope is that sharing my meal plans (and recipe links, where appropriate) will inspire you to browse through Pinterest or your cookbook collection to find something to nourish your family…